The banner picture at the top is an early morning shot using my iPhone from our back deck. (See the full picture below). You can see the reflection in the water, homes across the bay, and beautiful sunrise. Awesome! We love living out here on the California Delta. If you don’t know what the California Delta is, see STCDA.com’s “The Delta” page. The Delta is our back yard and we wake to the sounds of ducks and geese. We golf on a lush course abounding with lakes (i.e., duck ponds). And we live on Drakes Drive. See a theme here? So I named my consulting company “Duck Pond Software”. My life is a Duck Pond.

This site, Jans Duckpond Blog is for my personal thoughts and musings. To return to the blogs click here.

“Duck Pond Software” is my software consulting company I started after I sold my own startup company (co-founded with two great business partners). I wrote all about our Silicon Valley software startup in my book including the people, the fun, and my philosophy about how to build great software. Read It Starts with an Idea.

If you’re interested in any of my other writings, I also blog on my Duck Pond Software website. Duck Pond Software blogs that I think that even my non-software friends and family would enjoy:

  • Purple Hair – My all-time favorite post. It’s dear to my heart and I would love for my friends and family to read it.
  • No Ordinary Moments – Title inspired by “The Peaceful Warrior” and subject inspired by Mike & my trip to Florida in May 2008 as his retirement gift to watch the launch of a Ford Aerospace satellite.
  • Retirement or another Start-Up? – About selling Azerity, leaving Model N in 2007, and what-to-do-now.
  • A company for 2008 and beyond – inspired by Shane & Peter’s start-up in 2007.

Or, I also share info on my Facebook page.

Living on the California Delta we have become very involved with the California water issues and the grassroots organization “Save the California Delta Alliance.” See the nodeltagates.com website and the STCDA blog or our Facebook page: Save the California Delta Facebook Page.

View from our bedroom window at sunrise – the Delta is my back yard

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